This page contains possible spoilers for those who haven't read all the strips yet.

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Greg Carlson

Age: 16
Hair/Eye: Light brown/dark green
Height: 5'8"
Race/Planet of origin: Earthling-Being/Earth
Bio: Greg comes from a mixed race marriage, his mother is from Earth and his father was a Being soldier. After his mother's first husband was killed in the Cleansing, Greg's father, Phil, took pity on her and her young son and helped them to escape. His parents fell in love, married, and had Greg. Since Greg is half-Being, he has the ability to shape-shift although it is much more limited than that of a full blooded Being and he is currently unable to control it.

Greg's family moved to their current town five years prior to the story's beginning. Before then, they were a drifter kind of family, moving from town to town due to the fact that without proper papers, it was difficult for his father to find work. Once he had saved up enough to support his family and buy some fabricated documents, Greg's mother insisted they settle down somewhere.

For the first eleven years of his life, Greg was homeschooled and, as a result, he tested into the seventh grade, despite being a year younger than his classmates, where he met Dana.

Dana Biller

Age: 18
Hair/Eye: Brown/dark brown
Height: 5'8"
Race/Planet of origin: Earthling/Earth
Bio: Dana's background is pretty average, her family relocated to their current town soon after the Cleansing, like most people, and she's lived there ever since. She befriended Greg when he moved to their small town at a time when people were still wary of outsiders.

Dana was raised Catholic and for the most part follows the ideals of the religion. She has faith in her God and always believes things will turn out for the best.


Age: 25
Hair/Eye: Red and blue/light orange
Height: 5'8"
Race/Planet of origin: Android/Tisoc
Bio: Rae is a secretary android and can most easily be described as a human with a really good memory. She met Greg and Dana when they first arrived in Vera'ja and decided to help them get situated.

Patrosh Hazvay-Rian

Age: 20
Hair/Eye: Dark blue, bright blue.
Height: 5'11"
Bio: Pat's background is largely unknown, only himself and Oz know the whole story. What is known is that Pat was separated from his parents at a young age and then later adopted by Oz as a younger brother. They've been together since before Oz purchased The Silver Spade, his first ship.

Oz Rian

Age: 24
Hair/Eye: Tan/green
Height: 6'1"
Race/Planet of origin: Nobalim/Bairnya
Bio: A surprisingly religious person, Oz is captain of the Gunmetal Annie, a pirate ship which has quickly gained notoriety considering it's only been flying for under a year. His previous ship was the Silver Spade which had to be retired after four years of service.

Oz began his pirating career when he was 19 after finding out how easy it was to rob cargo ships. About a year and a half later, he found himself a ship, a crew, and made a name for himself.

Despite his career, Oz is a genuinely nice person, a trait the majority of his crew shares.

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