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Al pic
Alan Christopher Young

Age: 22

Bio: The main character of this comic, Al finds himself in a world he does not recognize. Is he dreaming? Is this place really a part of him, as Blue says? Al is only interested in the answers which he hopes can get him home.

Trivia: Al has a phobia when it comes to ghosts, but other than that he is a pretty unremarkable person. He's currently single and looking, ladies.

Blue pic
Age: Unknown, he has existed as long as the Landscape has.

Bio: A smokey-grey cat with an English accent, Blue is the Guardian of the smallest sector in the Landscape. Since his sector is small and the payload light, he is also charged with watching over Al whenever he visits the Landscape.

Trivia: Blue's full name is actually Blue Jeans, something which only a few know. Like most sentient beings with ridiculous names, he dislikes it and prefers to go by a nick name.

Leena pic
Age: Prior to death, she was 15. She doesn't know how long she's been a ghost.

Bio: A bubbly girl with a faint Southern accent, Leena is all smiles. She hates being in the graveyard because visitors are so rare. She likes meeting new people, but isn't above playing a few tricks on those travelling alone.

Trivia: Being a ghost, Leena casts no shadows, has dark circles under her eyes, and doesn't wear shoes.