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Thursday, May 6, 2004
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A big gap due to finals pending. I couldn't stay away from the comic and despite telling myself that I wasn't going to start chapter two until I'd finished exams and gotten home, I did anyway.

The first panel was very little effort on my part. I found a picture online that I was originally trying to draw, but I eventually gave up and just cut 'n pasted it in. The sunburst is a nifty Paint Shop Pro trick. I drew the speech bubble!

I also use the beginning of the chapter to switch to a new font (the comic's had three so far, third being the latest one). It was a pain finding an upper and lower case font suitable for a comic that wasn't comic sans MS. I'm a font snob.

I got an actual complaint because of this page because of Dana's last line. So what if it's clichéd and hackneyed? Dana's just a bit pessimistic, that's all.

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