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Thursday, August 4, 2005
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You know, it really, really doesn't help me when people bug me for updates. I know how to read a calendar and I do keep track of how long it's been between updates. I don't like being on hiatus any more than anybody else does, you know.

Yes, I sometimes go a long time between updates and yes I know it bothers you but guess what, it bothers me, too. I don't like the story moving as slowly as it is, I'd like to update every day, but that just isn't going to happen. Sometimes I lose motivation or sometimes I run into an artist's or writer's block, everybody does at some point or another and the way I deal with it is to put the comic down and go work on something else. I want the comic to look good, I want to update because I am satisfied with how the page turned out. I don't want to update just for the sake of updating because I feel that will negatively affect the end result.

I hate it when I lack the motivation to work on the comic and nothing kills my motivation faster than to have people get on my case about it. It's not cute and it doesn't help one whit. Take your update, and for God's sake go find something else to do that doesn't involve bothering me.

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