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Friday, September 3, 2004
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A Special Note About Languages

Up until this point in the comic, whenever someone was speaking a different language, it was written in that language. However, starting with the final panel and moving onward, many things written in English are "translations" of a different language. So, unless otherwise noted, please remember the following:

Greg and Dana will be speaking English.

Rae will flip-flop between languages. Unless she is explicitly addressing either Greg or Dana, she is not speaking English.

Everyone else will speak a variety of languages but that does not include English.

Take this into consideration with the last panel. Greg and Dana have no clue what the muggers are saying.

Another page I feel I rushed story-wise, but in all honesty I'm getting rather bored of this chapter. It really does pick up in subsequent chapters and that's where my mind is right now. Other than that, not much, I really feel sound in the art in this update, much more than the last few pages.

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