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Saturday, July 17, 2004
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I originally wasn't planning on doing this page officially, it was going to be an outtake strip posted as an extra, but I liked it so much while writing it I decided to make it an update page.

Keeping with the "Twilight Zone" theme established by the restaurant's name, all the food items are puns about the show (if you're a fan of the show and don't want episodes ruined, don't read the following).

Rod Serling Burger: Rod Serling is the creator of the show, he appeared in every episode providing narration at the beginning and the end. Very creative man.

Midnight Sundae: This is the title of an episode called "Midnight Sun". The last food item Dana reads "The Earth....chili" is a synopsis of the episode.

Ice Cream of the Beholder: Take off of "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" which may have been the title of an episode which preached that lesson. Throughout the whole episode these doctors in surgical masks and caps are performing some sort of plastic or reconstructive surgery on a woman who, we learn, is very ugly or disfigured. The doctors do all they can to help the poor woman but the surgery fails, she is still ugly. When she looks in the mirror and when the doctors take off their masks, we see that, by our standards she is the beautiful one and the doctors are hideous.

There's Something on the Chicken Wing: This comes from a famous episode with William Shatner who plays a passenger on an airplane. Everytime he looks out the window, he sees a horrible gremlin-type creature tearing up the panels and wiring on the wing, but no one else can see it. He utters the famous phrase "There's something on the wing!" a few times throughout the episode.

Talky Tina Tater Tots: Talky Tina was a talking, moving doll in one episode (it turned out to be evil).

The Earth...chili: Explained above to be a plot synopsis for the episode "Midnight Sun".

Phew. Hopefully you all got the jokes without needing them explained to you. If you didn't, don't feel bad, you just need to watch the show more. It's a really good show.

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