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Monday, August 16, 2004
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Ugh, finally done with this stupid page. If I'm ever late because of a page, you can bet money that it's because there are new backgrounds in it. By new I mean a new setting where I don't have an established idea of what they look like.

Anyway, this page is at least a week and a half old as of this writing so I'm not too pleased with the art. Specifically the salesman. Yuck.

I'm trying to move this story along quickly, hence the abrupt cut from the diner to the street, I hope it's not too jerky.

Had to split this page up into thirds to save it, the colors in the middle panel kept going screwy. I hate this page and it hates me. Argh.

Now off to do crowd scenes and that sort of thing. Mercury AWAAAAAAAAY!

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